Feng shui tips the right table and chairs to suck fortune and fortune
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Location table and chairs The relationship between the owner and the guest should also be formed, usually for the house and the living room has a direction suitable for the owner, the sitting position of the owner when receiving guests should be back to the back of the house. and facing the front door. This will always create the hospitality of the host that the acquaintance can feel. At the same time, communication is also easy to keep in touch.


In the traditional Feng Shui concept, living room furniture should be placed in the most possible direction, not suitable for the hung position compared to the host's destiny. The sitting position of the guest speaker, as well as the arrangement of tables and chairs are not suitable, causing adverse feelings for the owner or insecurity on the partner, or create feelings of suspicion, fear ... unprofitable. These things often affect the business of home owners, the more business people should avoid.

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