Layout, How to choose furniture
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If the tea table is made of wood, choose square, rectangular because these cubes belong to the carpenter. If the metal tea table, should choose the round shape of the metal. All tables need to be flat, absolutely should not choose concave or sloping, channel access. The color of the tea table and chairs should be harmonious and consistent with the whole of the room. Do not choose the color too dark or can use the linen and leather cover for the chair in bright colors just decorated and help the room to receive much good gas.


In addition, arranging chairs in the shape of eight bowls (forming eight sides) will create good luck for the landlord and make people feel close and equal, easy to talk to everyone, not ' tell ', say' over 'other people. Feng shui advisors should also place a large reflective mirror to help create vitality as it increases the light and widens the view.

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