Layout, How to choose furniture

If the tea table is made of wood, choose square, rectangular because these cubes belong to the carpenter. If the metal tea table, should choose the round shape of the metal. All tables need to be flat, absolutely should not choose concave or sloping, channel access. The color of the tea table and chairs should be harmonious and consistent with the whole of the room. Do not choose the color too dark or can use the linen and leather cover for the chair in bright colors just decorated and ... ... [View more]

Statistic furniture furniture

The living room can not be directly facing the main door because the main door is filled with gas for the whole house, the air in the door is relatively strong forcing. The sitting room facing the door will block the flow of air out of the home does not affect the property of the house. So, if the living room table is opposite the main door, people outside can see the people eating rice lose the privacy of the family. The toilet in feng shui concept is not clean and dirty. Therefore, do... ... [View more]